We share recommendations for reliable people to maintain and paint the houses – just ask on the WhatsApp group. Front and back gutters are cleared at least once a year, usually after leaf fall, and this is paid for out of KRA subscriptions.

Houses and garages need regular external painting, using the agreed colour scheme. Here are the details of the colours:
• Porch side rails & door = BS 18 B 29 (Raven)
• Panel under front window = BS 10 C 39 (Dark olive / Saluki / Seaweed / Riverbed)
• Window sashes, gutters, downpipes = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
• Garage door and frames = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
• Letterbox panel = colour of choice
• All other areas = BS 00 E 55 (White)

It’s best to buy the paints by BS colour (rather than the various names shown in brackets, above) from specialist companies such as Brewers in Hither Green. Regular diy shops may provide the wrong colour.