For those looking to maintain their property please see below the colour scheme which is to be used for all works to the front elevation. Please note that retailers might use different names to describe the same paint colour. We have provided some of the commonly used names below, but it is important that you order any paint based on the British Standard numbers provided to ensure that you get the correct colour.

The Keep colour scheme:

  • Porch side rails & door = BS 18 B 29 (Raven)
  • Panel under front window = BS 10 C 39 (Dark olive / Saluki / Seaweed / Riverbed)
  • Window sashes, gutters, downpipes = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
  • Garage door and frames = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
  • Letterbox panel = colour of choice
  • All other areas = BS 00 E 55 (White)
1 comment
  1. John Coveney said:

    Thank you for asking for my views regarding the hedge maintenance. My comments are as follows.
    The cutting back of the hedge in front of my property, at No 16, was overly done last year and the hedge hasn’t really yet recovered with the road side face still to grow back into shape and there are remaining bare areas on the top.
    At the moment the top of the hedge outside of my house is at about my shoulder height, at the entrance path to my house which is the highest ground level. I think if the cutting down to below this level will leave the hedge with a completely bare top.
    I would suggest that the hedges are trimmed to the same level from house onward toward No22 rather than follow the slope down. They certainly need to be made tidier and shaped more than they are the moment, but not so as the tops become bare.
    I also think that the hedge in front of my house still needs another year to recover its shape to the front and back and the other hedges should be trimmed enough to return to a continuous line.
    I have registered to this site now so if you wish to contact me with any queries please do so.
    My regards

    John Coveney

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