December 2017

Happy Christmas and New Year to all!

Gate closure

As in previous years, we will on Christmas Day be closing the wooden gate that separates The Keep from the spur road of Blackheath Park. Please let guests know that they should approach The Keep via the junction of Pond Road and Corner Green.


Please could residents who use the parking space between Number 64 and the garages make sure that you leave enough space for bins and wheelbarrows to get through, as it can be a tight squeeze!


Most households are now paying their subscriptions to the KRA via standing order. If you need account details to set up a standing order, please contact a member of the Committee.

 External Painting: Houses and Garages

The Committee has written to owners of houses that need decorating and is pleased to see that several properties have now been painted – thank you to those who have completed the work. If you still need to get your property painted, colours are as follows.

  • Porch side rails & door = BS 18 B 29 (Raven)
  • Panel under front window = BS 10 C 39 (Dark olive / Saluki / Seaweed / Riverbed)
  • Window sashes, gutters, downpipes = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
  • Garage door and frames = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
  • Letterbox panel = colour of choice
  • All other areas = BS 00 E 55 (White)

Local specialist paint mixing companies include Brewers, off Manor Lane in Hither Green, and HE Olby, on Lewisham High Street who will provide correctly mixed paint and undercoat.  We advise against purchasing BS paints from DIY superstores due to inconsistencies in colours.

Tradesmen who have previously done painting work on The Keep include:

  • Michael Dwyer (painter) – 07879 818465
  • Paul Baldwin (painter) – 07751 056345
  • KAB Decorating – 07956 541194

Garage ownership

The Committee has been updating records of who owns the garages and is not sure who owns the third garage along from where the bins are left out. If you are the owner or know who owns the garage, please let a member of the Committee know, as access is sometimes required for maintenance.

 Window cleaners

We have been asked several times by residents to recommend window cleaners.  If any residents would like to have their windows cleaned on a regular basis it is likely that if those interested selected the same contractor they could negotiate a discount.  Please contact Diane if you’re interested.

Newsletter contributions

Any resident is welcome to make a submission to the newsletter, including our younger residents! Please contact Adam if there’s something you’d like to see included.

Contact details for committee members

  • Simon (director) at No. 20 – company secretary
  • Ranulf (volunteer) at No. 28 – looks after day-to-day finances
  • Adam (director) at No. 64 – collates newsletter and website
  • Peter (volunteer) at No. 15 – oversees repairs
  • Diane (director) at No. 5 – oversees gardens
  • Jill (director) at No. 58 – oversees gardens

You can contact us at or drop us a note.

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