A very good New Year to all our residents – even though we’re wishing you this rather belatedly! As Spring is just about here, we thought it would be good
to give you a little news update …


Do not be alarmed or concerned if you notice a loss of some of the trees on the estate. Some small ones have outgrown their space, and some of the older ones have tried to do the same and need trimming back. It has all been carefully planned and professionally approved, and will not all happen at once. However, we wanted you to know that we are trying to sort this out now and then we should not have to undertake work like this again for some years.

As part of this work we have had the weeping cherry tree, in front of houses 54 to 64, examined as a number of branches appear to have been damaged by children climbing on the tree. Fortunately the tree itself is safe, but we’d like to ask parents to ensure that children no longer use the tree in this way as further damage might mean the tree ends up being removed. The tree was a last minute gift by the developers, Span, to the estate when it was completed finally in 1958. We are keen to ensure it is looked after.


Just a gentle reminder – a few residents are behind with their KRA contributions. We’d be grateful if you could check with your bank, if necessary, that your standing orders are being observed. The payment is a requirement of all house owners, and we would remind you that it also includes our collective contribution to the running and operation of the Cator Estate. It is not fair to other residents if it is not paid, and also means that our
Board (all of whom have volunteered and are unpaid for their duties) have to spend time writing reminder letters and keeping an extra eye out for non-payers or partial payments.

Garage lighting

You will note that we have had the garage lighting fixed, and will remain vigilant to ensure that it is now kept in good working order. As part of being able to ensure this, however, it has been necessary to have access to the various junction boxes and the like that are in individual garages. We also were advised to review garage wiring in order to ensure that it did not pose
a risk of fire. In most cases, Peter Kendall’s request for access has been granted, but in two cases this has not happened. For one, ownership of the garage was not known and so we are having to investigate this via the Land Registry. Hopefully the remaining garages will be visited shortly, and the safety and security of our community secured.

79 Blackheath Park

As you may know, the owners of this house (that borders The Keep) wish to demolish and rebuild their house! After much negotiation, the KRA have managed to ensure that access for builders’ vehicles to the site will only be via Blackheath Park, that building works can only take place in reasonable hours, and that the erection of the hoarding that has been necessary protect The Keep’s gardens and enable the works to happen will be as minimal as possible.

We hope that there will be as little disruption as possible to The Keep, and particularly for residents of numbers 13 to 23 (opposite the site) or others that end of the estate. We liaised with residents that will be most affected prior to agreeing to the works, but you will appreciate that it is not in our power to prevent works being undertaken at the 79 Blackheath Park site.
We have kept photographic records of the garden prior to the erection of the hoarding, and have been guaranteed that it will be returned to its former state once the works have been completed.

Rubbish/recycling/garden waste bins

Residents of houses 54 to 64 who cannot keep their rubbish bins in their gardens after they have been emptied are asked to put them behind the garages in normal circumstances, moving them to the top of the garage area only on Monday nights to facilitate the Council’s emptying of them each Tuesday. With houses having up to three different types of bin each it can otherwise become very cluttered and unsightly in that area.

We are aware that the area behind the garages can become muddy and slippery in
wet weather, and wish to ensure that accidents are prevented. We are therefore planning to firm up the ground in the area, probably with hard paving. This will be done as soon as is practically possible, and will enable these residents to use the area for their bins.

60th Anniversary of The Keep: Party?

This has not yet been arranged, and could simply be combined with the annual summer barbecue – which this year take place on the weekend of 17/18 June. Please get back to me directly if you’ve any views or thoughts on this matter. We are also asking if any residents (present or past) have any photographs (particularly older ones) of the The Keep and how it has looked over the past sixty years as we’re thinking of producing a book or a collage or something special to commemorate this anniversary.

KRA contacts

A quick reminder, finally, of our volunteer Directors and helpers. Do feel free to contact the one who seems the most suitable, and put your note through their house door (or for those with email you can write to

Elected Directors:
Simon Hall, Company Secretary – no. 20
Elio Buffa, arranges and chairs monthly Board meetings – no. 12
Andrew Wardle, miscellaneous duties – no. 8
Jill Clark, newsletter and gardens – no. 58

Ranulf Gibson, finance – no. 28
Diane Summers, gardens (with Jill Clark) – no. 5

Jill Clark on behalf of the KRA Board and Volunteers, no. 58

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