Update on Managing Agent

As you know we are no longer using HML Andertons as our management company.  Unfortunately, over time, Andertons were not able to provide the level of service or value for money which we needed.  Your Board has now taken back the tasks that Andertons were covering.  Updating documents and files has taken some time, and continues to occupy much of the Board’s attention.  Please bear in mind that the Board are all volunteers and that we are not professional property managers.

Service charge payments

Please check that the standing order for your service charge is correctly set up. A payment of £225 should be made at the start of every quarter (5th of Jan, 5th April etc). Account details can be obtained from any board member.

Add your house number to the standing order in the format No##TheKeep, for example No72TheKeep, as your unique identifier.

The Board is not able to offer other payment methods. We ask for your understanding.

Painting year

We remind you that 2016 is a painting year. Please make plans for your property to be painted during the warmer months. The scheme of management requires the use of particular British Standard paints. These are listed in the maintenance section of the website.

We expect decorators to take all reasonable precautions to avoid drips or marking of vertical walls.

At the completion of work, if there are minor marks on the tiles we recommend the following as masking paint: Sandtex smooth black (1 part) and Sandtex smooth bitter chocolate (2 parts), mixed well and applied with a stipple brush direct over affected area of tile surface.

Local specialist paint mixing companies include Brewers, off Manor Lane in Hither Green, and HE Olby, on Lewisham High Street who will provide correctly mixed paint and undercoat.  We advise against purchasing BS paints from DIY superstores due to inconsistencies in colours.

Board membership

Bryony Fitzjohn and Andy Whiting have left the Board. We thank both of them for their work over a number of years. Ranulf Gibson has joined the Board.

However, we are in need of another Board member or members to cover grounds and maintenance.  We would be particularly interested in hearing from someone who is at home during the working week.  No particular property management skills are needed, just a willingness to contribute to making The Keep an attractive place to live.

Annual General Meeting

The Board is preparing for our Annual General Meeting. This will be at St Michael’s Church Hall, Pond Road, SE3 on Tuesday 7th June 2016 at 8pm. Shareholders will receive papers at least two weeks before the meeting. In the meantime, please contact us if you have questions you would like the AGM to address.

The KRA Board

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