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Thank you to everyone that turned out for our AGM last month.  We were pleased to have a good attendance, and we now have two new Directors elected to join Simon (no. 20) and Jill (no. 58) on the Board.  These are Diane (no. 5) and Adam (no. 64).  The discussion at the AGM was varied, with subjects ranging from external decoration, the gardens, the drains, and the Open House event being covered.  It was great to see everyone so engaged, and we are grateful to other residents for volunteering to assist in particular projects in addition to those on the Board.  Our thanks extend to Andrew and Elio for their hard work on the Board for the past few years, and to the volunteers that have worked so hard with the Board this last year – Peter, Diane and Ranulf .

News from recent Keep directors’ meetings

The board met on 27 September and 9 October. Its first job after the AGM in September was to decide how to share the regular tasks among directors and board volunteers. It agreed that:

  • Simon (director) at No. 20 continues as company secretary
  • Ranulf (volunteer) at No. 28 continues looking after day-to-day finances
  • Adam (director) at No. 64 collates newsletter and website
  • Peter (volunteer) at No. 15 continues to oversee repairs
  • Diane (director) at No. 5 oversees gardens, in consultation with Jill (director) at No. 58

You can contact us at or drop us a note.

On finances, the board will be updating its long-term financial plan covering, for example, road repairs. If you have any thoughts, please do let us know.

The board recorded its thanks to everyone who had made Open House such a success (more on this below).

External Painting: Houses and Garages

It appears that some houses have missed out the compulsory painting of their houses during the 2016 painting year (you may recall that houses and garages require repainting on a three-year cycle).  There are some houses that are particularly shabby and these do not assist in maintaining the aesthetic we all value about The Keep.  Following a discussion at our members’ AGM, the Directors will be preparing a report on houses and garages that require painting and will be writing to all owners concerned.  Please find details of the paint colours listed below (these are also on our website). Note that retailers use various names to describe the same colour, so please order paint on the basis of the BS number.

  • Porch side rails & door = BS 18 B 29 (Raven)
  • Panel under front window = BS 10 C 39 (Dark olive / Saluki / Seaweed / Riverbed)
  • Window sashes, gutters, downpipes = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
  • Garage door and frames = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
  • Letterbox panel = colour of choice
  • All other areas = BS 00 E 55 (White)

Local specialist paint mixing companies include Brewers, off Manor Lane in Hither Green, and HE Olby, on Lewisham High Street who will provide correctly mixed paint and undercoat.  We advise against purchasing BS paints from DIY superstores due to inconsistencies in colours.

Tradesmen who have previously done painting work on The Keep include:

  • Michael Dwyer (painter) – 07879 818465
  • Paul Baldwin (painter) – 07751 056345
  • KAB Decorating – 07956 541194

Open House event

The Keep’s participation in the Open House event was even more successful than we had envisaged with 150 or so visitors!  We created a visitors’ book, and comments included “It is a privilege to see the original houses and all types of extensions in different styles, all in a beautiful and quiet setting” and “Thanks for opening.  Great to see how different all the layouts are, and how friendly everyone is”.  A full list of the comments is on the KRA website (  Perhaps another year another Blackheath Span estate could decide to exhibit in the same way, as it would be fascinating to compare how other estates have developed and kept to the spirit of Eric Lyons’ vision.

Window cleaners

We have been asked several times by residents to recommend window cleaners.  If any residents would like to have their windows cleaned on a regular basis it is likely that if those interested selected the same contractor they could negotiate a discount.  Please let any of the Directors know and we will facilitate getting those interested together.

Allotments danger!

Can we remind everyone please that the allotments are not safe for younger, unaccompanied children. Unfortunately the gate gets left open from time to time and children are in real danger if they go in there to play. The main hazard is obviously the railway line, but there is also standing water, the ground is not level, there are many nettles, and the far end has a steep dip.  We really don’t want an accident of any kind to occur, so would ask that if you are an allotment user that you lock the gate and if you are a parent that you ensure that your children do not visit the site without an adult being present.

Shirley Collins in film

Some of you might remember Shirley Collins, a celebrated folk singer who formerly lived on The Keep. She is the subject of a film, The Ballad of Shirley Collins, that is showing at Picturehouse Central on 18 October with Shirley and others in Q&A. Thereafter showings at Central from 20 October.


There have been a few incidents recently of cars parked in way that blocks access to roads or garages. Please could you encourage any visitors to park sensibly and display a note indicating the property they are visiting. 

Newsletter contributions

Any resident is welcome to make a submission to the newsletter, including our younger residents! We’d love to receive drawings of the houses or a map of The Keep for the website.  Please email Adam if there’s something you’d like to see included or drop a note to one of the directors.

Keep fireworks night

This will be on Friday 3 November from dusk. Katie at no.32 has kindly agreed to get the fireworks. Bonfire night treats to eat welcome! Thank you to Monty, aged 5, who has generously contributed his fireworks artwork to the newsletter!

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