As a resident on The Keep you may sometimes have wondered to whom you should speak if you think some aspects of the estate could do with a little attention – or just to ask a question of two.  There is a Board of Directors and we do like to be in touch with the rest of the residents, who may in the future decide to volunteer to be Directors or to help out themselves.  It is of course unpaid work, but not difficult or very time-consuming.

So here is a list of the current Directors, and a couple of helpful volunteers, with their addresses and the jobs that they do for the KRA (Keep Residents’ Association).  Please write to the one who seems the most suitable, and put your note through their house door (or for those with email you can write to

Elected Directors:

Simon Hall, Company Secretary – no. 20

Elio Buffa, arranges and chairs monthly Board meetings – no. 12

Andrew Wardle, miscellaneous duties – no. 8

Jill Clark, newsletter and gardens – no. 58


Ranulf Gibson, finance – no. 28

Diane Summers, gardens (with Jill Clark) – no. 5

Some residents – even ones who have lived here for some time – are puzzled by the numbering of The Keep houses.  The Post Office did this at the beginning and the system is that the even numbers (2 to 64) are around the outer edges of the estate, while the odd numbers (1 to 23) are on the two rows of houses in the centre.  This may seem strange, even more so when you know that there are 44 houses, but that is how it is.  The numbering begins at the corner of the estate nearest to the white gate.  There are no proposals to alter the numbering system as it is what we are used to, and the Board consider this unnecessary.

Actual House Numbers:  Originally all house numbers were of the same design, and it has been suggested that this should be done again.  No decision has been taken.  What do you think?

Now for a few matters which came up at the recent Board meeting last week:

Notice Board

It was suggested that The Keep should have a nice board, but there was no agreement as to its placing.  Residents suggestions are welcomed.  Please reply with your views to Jill Clark.


As you know, the gutters of houses need to be kept clear.  I have seen a devise in a mail order magazine which might lessen, even obviate, the need for a person to do this task.  It consists of brushes attached closely along a length of wire and simply put into the gutter.  The wire makes it easy to bend it round corners if necessary.  The claim is that it will stop leaves from getting into the gutters, they will just be blown off.  If you are interested in this, please come and see me.

Painting year

Residents may need reminding the this year, 2016, is the third year from the last house repainting – meaning that this is the time to do it again. The scheme of management requires the use of particular British Standard paints. These listed in the maintenance section of the website.

We expect decorators to take all reasonable precautions to avoid drips or marking of vertical walls.

At the completion of work, if there are minor marks on the tiles we recommend the following as masking paint: Sandtex smooth black (1 part) and Sandtex smooth bitter chocolate (2 parts), mixed well and applied with a stipple brush direct over affected area of tile surface.

Local specialist paint mixing companies include Brewers, off Manor Lane in Hither Green, and HE Olby, on Lewisham High Street who will provide correctly mixed paint and undercoat.  We advise against purchasing BS paints from DIY superstores due to inconsistencies in colours.

Last October a list was provided of carpenters and decorators who had worked on The Keep before and thus have been recommended by other residents.  The same list is provided below:

John Tew (carpenter)  07879 217696

Michael Dwyer (painter)  07879 818465

Paul Baldwin (painter)  07751 056345

Graham Anderson (carpenter)  079585 985311

Garage Lighting

We are trying to ensure that all the lights that have stopped functioning correctly are repaired, and should be replacing all the lightbulbs in the course of the next few weeks.  We hope that this will solve the problems we are currently experiencing, but if this does not we will have to have an electrician to resolve the issues.  Suffice to say, we will ensure that this is resolved prior to the days shortening.

The Keep 60th Anniversary

It would be rather nice to celebrate this in some way, don’t you think?  Or would you like just to combine it with the annual barbecue?  The anniversary is in 2017 by the way, not this year.  Do get back to me with suggestions.

Jill Clark on behalf of the KRA Board and Volunteers, no. 58

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